2.2 Align Yourself with the 14!

2.2 Align Yourself with the 14!



Would Imam Mahdi (af) choose me? Would he choose you? 

Imam (af) will be looking for companions with the best Akhlaq. What better role models than his (af) forefathers? Pick an Akhlaqi trait of one of the Infallibles (Masumeen) and live it.Better yet, pick an Akhlaqi trait of each of the 14 Infallibles (one per day) and practice them over the course of 14 days!

Use their titles, read about them, or get suggestions here.


Month 2: Tawallā and Tabarraʾ

Blessed are those of our Shias who during the occultation of our Qaim remain attached to our Wilayat (guardianship), who are steadfast in devotion to us, and who have distanced themselves from our enemies.  They are from us and we are from them. And indeed they have preferred us for Imamate and we have also selected them as our followers (Shia). Congratulations to them and blessed be they (Shias). By Allah, on the Day of Judgment they shall be in our vicinity.” 

– Imam Musa al-Kadhim (as) , Kamal ad-Din, Volume 2, Chapter 34

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