7.2 Keep it Current!

7.2 Keep it Current!


Be curious about current affairs.

Know how to help Imam (af) now and when he comes.

Here is a link to resources to read/watch on three current topics.

Pick one topic you know less about and learn about it.


Month 7: Knowledge

“Knowledge is contained in twenty-seven letters (parts) and everything which all of the (previous) messengers brought was merely two of these letters… When our Qa’im makes his advent, he will bring with him the other twenty-five letters (of knowledge), and he will spread these amongst the people and add these to the previous two letters (parts), such that he will have imparted the twenty-seven letters (of knowledge) to them.”

– Imam Sadiq (as), Wasa’il ash-Shi’a, Volume 7, Page 326, hadith 10

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