9.2 Get in Partnership!

9.2 Get in Partnership!


Set aside an amount or set up a Standing Order for Imam (af) on pay-day!

Give this amount on his behalf to a charity you think he would be happy with. ________________________________________________________________________________________

Month 9: Living as though Imam (af) was Present

“Indeed the people who live during the time of his occultation, have firm belief in his (the 12th Imam’s) Imamate and are awaiting his advent, are the best people from any age, since Allah… has granted them from the intellect, understanding and cognizance needed to live during the period of the occultation, as if they were living during the time of his advent.”

– Imam Sajjad (as), Biharul Anwar, Volume 52, Page 122; al-Ihtijaj

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