5.2 Make it Personal!

5.2 Make it Personal!



Qur’anic Journaling: Up your personal connection with the Qur’an this month.
Read a passage. Pick your favourite Ayah. Draw or annotate!
Tip: You’ll need to read the translation.


Month 5: Qur’an

“[When Imam al-Mahdi makes his advent,] The following of the lower desires will be transformed into the following of guidance (from Allah), after the following of the guidance (from Allah) had been transformed into the following of the lower desires; and the thoughts and opinions (of the people) will be in line with the Qur’an after the Qur’an had previously been put in line and accordance with the people’s thoughts and opinions.” 

– Imam Ali (as), Biharul Anwar, Volume 51, Page 120; Nahjul Balagha

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