1.2 Find your Direction!

1.2 Find your Direction!


Direct a talent you have, or something you do regularly towards Imam Mahdi (af).  Budding poet? Write a piece for Imam. Enjoy sports? Make the intention to keep fit for his army. Friends can’t get enough of your food? Whip up an Imam Mahdi (af) themed biting! Work is your main go-to skill? Can you do any voluntary or pro bono work in Imam’s (af) name? Use your imagination, discover new talents, the world is yours. Make it ready to hand over to Imam Mahdi (af) when he comes.


Month 1: Active Waiting

“…Indeed al-Qa’im is from among us (the Ahlul Bayt), and he is al-Mahdi: the one for whom it is obligatory to wait during his occultation and obey during his advent, and he is the third from my progeny… The best action of our Shias is to wait for his reappearance.”

– Imam Muhammad al-Jawad (as) , Kamal ad-Din, Volume 2, Chapter 36

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