3.2 Triple Filter it!

3.2 Triple Filter it!



Socrates is said to have had a triple filter test.

It goes like this: Whilst speaking, ask yourself three fundamental questions:

Are my words true?

Are they good?

Are they necessary?


Month 3: Truth

“…Saturday is the day for the Messenger of Allah (S), Sunday is the day of Amirul Momineen, Monday is the day for Imams Hasan and Husain, Tuesday is the day for Ali bin Husain, Muhammad bin Ali al-Baqir and Ja’far bin Muhammad al-Sadiq, Wednesday is the day for Musa bin Ja’far, Ali bin Musa and Muhammad bin Ali, Thursday is the day for my son, Hasan and Friday, is the day for the son of my son.

And it is through him that the party of truth will gather and it is him that would fill the earth with justice and truth just as it would have been fraught with injustice and oppression.” 

– Imam Ali al-Haadi (as) , Kamal ad-Din, Volume 2, Chapter 37

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