Challenge: Keep it Current!

Part of actively awaiting the Imam (af) is taking an active interest in the things that would concern him (af) if he was physically present here today. We have all heard the saying of his blessed grandfather, the Prophet (S), where he compared the Muslim ummah (community) to a body; if one part is injured, the whole body notices and feels the resultant pain. It’s fair, then, to assume that the Imam (af) would be concerned with the oppression of Shia, Muslims and fellow humans all over the world.

Despite having access to more information than ever before, we are sometimes sadly unaware, or only slightly aware, of atrocities happening to our brothers and sisters in various corners of the world – and if we are aware, it is often only a brief amount.

Below are three ongoing issues currently affecting our brothers and sisters in far-flung corners of the world. In an effort to more actively await the Imam (af), we encourage you to pick one that you’re not that aware of and find out more about it, either by way of the video and links here, or by doing your own research.

1. Statelessness of the Rohingya

2. The humanitarian crisis in Yemen

3. Slave labour at the Qatar 2022 World Cup

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