Kids’ Corner: The Imam (af) Sees us

What’s it about?

Becoming conscious of Imam (af)’s presence even though he is not visible to us. Just like Allah who is always with us, Imam (af) too sees everything we do. It is said that every Thursday night, Imam (af) gets feedback from the angels recording our deeds. Let’s keep Imam (af) happy and proud of us, by making sure our reports are full of good deeds.

Activity 1

Make a small hole in a large piece of cardboard. Have each child look through it and notice how they can clearly see all that is around them. But can the children on the other side see the child who is behind the card?





Activity 2

Use a white crayon on white paper to write/draw a message. Magically reveal the drawing/note by painting over it with liquid watercolours.




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