Kids’ Corner: Waiting Actively for the Imam (af)!

What’s it about?

When we look outside and see that it’s a cloudy and grey day, it reminds us that the sun is hidden. On cloudy days, even though we benefit from the sun, we still wish it was a brighter, sunnier day!
We feel the same about Imam (af) being hidden from us. We love Imam (af) so much that even though we know he is there, we miss him.
Let’s say Salaam to him every day, give Sadaqa for his safety and pray for him to come quickly and shine his bright light on Earth, bringing peace and justice.


To instil a habit of how we can remember Imam (af) daily and actively wait for his reappearance, everyday let’s remember to:
1. Say Salaam to Imam (af) ‘As-salaamu Alaika Ya Saahib az-Zamaan’
2.Give Sadaqa
3. Pray for Imam (af) to come quickly!
Tick off each of these activities daily with your child, using this template. Even better, use stickers!

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