‘An Overview of Imam al-Mahdi’s government’

Publisher: Ahlul Bayt World Assembly

Author: Ayatullah Najmuddin Tabasi, transl. by Mansoor L. Limba

Summary: Ayatullah Tabasi’s work is split into three parts. In the first, he comments on the state of the world currently, before the advent of the Imam. In the second, he discusses the coming of the Imam (as), spending some time discussing the physical appearance of the Imam, his miracles, the companions and commanders in his army and the wars he will fight and their aftermath. The third part is dedicated to imagining what the government of the Imam will look like, before the author concludes with a short summary of the narrations on the passing of the Imam (as).

‘The Criterion of Nobilities; the benefits of praying for the Qa’im (‘Mikyal al-Makarim Fi Fawa’id al-Dua Li’l Qa’im – volumes 1&2)

Publisher: Ja’fari Propagation Centre – Mumbai

Part 1:

Part 2:

Author: Sayyid Muhammad Taqi Musawi Isfahani, transl. by Sayyid Athar Husayn SH Rizvi

Summary: The first volume talks of the proofs of the Imam (as) and the reasons why we must pray for him – a large part of this revolves around the nobility of Imam’s character. The second volume talks at length about the various times when we should pray for him.

Discussions concerning al-Mahdi

Publisher: Islamic Humanitarian Service (IHS)

Author: Ayatullah Lutfullah Safi Golpaygani, transl. by Sayyid Sulayman AIi Hasan

This book is in a question & answer format, and the author deals first with general questions about Shiism, and then Imamat, before discussing the Imam (as) specifically in the second half.

Kamaludin wa Tamaamun Ni’ma (The Perfection of Faith and Completion of Favour)

Publisher: Az-Zahra Publications – Mumbai

Part 1:

Part 2:

Author: Shaykh al-Saduq, transl. by Sayyid Athar Husayn SH Rizvi

This seminal work by the great scholar al-Saduq, across two volumes, is one of the earliest existing works on the Imam (as). Amongst the topics al-Saduq addresses is the need for a Caliph and the occultation of various other Prophets in history. He also narrates ahadith from the Prophet, Lady Fatimah and the other Imams (as) about Imam al-Mahdi. Elsewhere, he discusses the reasons for the Ghyabah, and mentions some of the signs of his reappearance.

Al-Imam al-Mahdi, the Just Leader of Humanity

Publisher: Ansariyan Publications – Qum

Author: Ayatullah Ibrahim Amini, transl. by Abdulaziz Sachedina

Ayatullah Amini begins by discussing textual proofs for the existence of Imam (as) in Sunni and Shia books. He discusses false claimants who have claimed to be the Imam, before moving on to some of the questions surrounding the Imam’s ascension to the position of Imamah and the occultation more generally.

Special Deputies

Compiler/publisher: Association of Imam Mahdi (as), Mumbai

This book is a brief biography of the lives of the four Naa’ibs (deputies) of the Imam (as) during Ghaybat al-Sughra

Kitab al-Ghayba (The Book of Occultation)

Publisher: Ansariyan Publications – Qum

Author: Shaykh Abu Abdullah Muhammad b. Ibrahim b. Ja’far al-Katib an-Nu’mani, transl. by Abdullah al-Shahin

This is comprehensive work, mentioned by Shaykh al-Mufid and al-Hurr al-Amili, amongst others. The book itself is a collection of traditions, beginning with Imamate and its proofs. The author then narrates traditions regarding the Ghaybah, as well as the character of the Imam. He also mentions the signs of the reappearance, and discusses the events that will occur thereafter.

Selected narrations about the Twelfth Imam (volumes 1 & 2)

Publisher: Naba Organization

Part 1:

Part 2:

Author: Ayatullah L Safi Golpaygani, transl. by Shabeen Rizvi

This lengthy collection of Ahadith is split into six chapters over two volumes. The first and second are a collection of traditions that make reference to twelve Caliphs or Imams (and the author spends some time discussing these Ahadith and their implications). The third is a collection of ahadith regarding the reappearance of Imam, the fourth is about his early life (his birth, family and those companions who saw him as a child); the fifth about his life after his father’s death and the minor occultation. The sixth and final chapter deals with the Major Occultation.


Publisher: Naba Organisation

Author: Sayyid Sadruddin Sadr, transl. by Jalil Dorrani

This is a collection of Ahadith from Sunni sources regarding our Imam.

The Last Luminary and Ways to Delve Into the Light

Publisher: Islamic Publishing House

Author: Sayyid Ridha Husayni Mutlaq, transl. by Shaykh Saleem Bhimji

This book is essentially a discussion on Active Intidhar - it explains ninety-nine responsibilities which the followers of Imam must fulfil in his absence.

Universal Government of the Mahdi

Author: Ayatullah Naser Makarem Shirazi

Publisher and translator unknown

The author begins by discussing predictions of the Imam in other religions and scriptures. He then deliberates on the preparations that would be necessary for the government of the Imam, and what ‘waiting’ for the Imam actually means. He briefly discusses the signs of the reappearance of the Imam and the events that will follow, before drawing on Ahadith to hypothesize what the advent of the Imam and his eventual government will look like in practice.

Ziyarat al-Aale Yaasin: a Brief Commentary

Publisher: Association of Imam Mahdi

This is a brief commentary on the famous Ziyarat of Imam.


Manner of Awaiting

Publisher: Naba Organisation

Author: Ali Akbar Talaafi, transl. by Jalil Dorrani

A short article on the duties of the followers of Imam in his absence.

Anticipation: anticipating the saviour of humanity

Author: Sayyid Murtadha Mujtahidi Sistani, transl. by Naimah Iman

This is a translation of one chapter of a two-volume book titled ‘Secrets of Success’ by the author, where he discusses the waiting for reappearance of the Imam.

Our Responsibilities during the Period of Occultation of the Present Imam

Sayed Muhammad Rizvi

The Globe Before and After the Advent of the Mahdi

Based on a series of lectures delivered by Shaykh Shomali in 2007, these papers were published in the ‘Message of Thaqalyn’ journal.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

Part 6:

The Prolonged Lifespan of Imam Mahdi

Zainab Musawi, transl. by Mahboobeh Morshedian

This paper deals with the questions regarding the length of the Imam’s life, using proofs from the Quran, Ahadith and logic.

The Sun Behind the Clouds

Allamah Majlisi, transl. by Afzal Sumar

This short paper is an extract of Allamah’s work on the idea of the Imam being analogous to the sun behind the clouds.

The Doctrine of Mahdi and Pluralism

Mohammed Hussein Mokhtari, ABWA

The author discusses the relationship between pluralism and the twelfth Imam.

Intellectual, political and social status of the Shiites on the verge of Occultation

Mas’ud Pur Sayyid Aqaei

The author discusses the efforts of the 10th and 11th Imams to put in place a network of agents, who would be instrumental in the time of Ghaybah.

Preparing the Shia for the Age of Occultation

Mohammad Reza Jabbari

A similar theme to the work above

Imam Mahdi in Chapter al-Qadr

Muhammad Rida Hakimi, transl. by Sh. Mohammed Javad Shomali

Here the author discusses the Night of Qadr and the role the Imam of the time plays in it.

‘Forty Hadith: the Awaited Saviour of Humanity’

Publisher: The IEB of the World Federation of KSIMC, avail as PDF here:

Author: Abdul-Rahim Mugahi, transl. by Shaykh Saleem Bhimji

A short booklet containing forty Ahadith on the Imam (as), based on the narration from the Prophet (S), who said ‘A person from my nation who memorises forty traditions pertaining to those issues of religion which one is in need of, will be resurrected by Allah on the Day of Judgement as a person with deep insight into the faith and as a scholar.’

‘An Inquiry concerning al-Mahdi’

Publisher: WOFIS, avail as PDF here:

Author: Sayyid Muhammad Baqir al-Sadr

A short booklet in which the author briefly answers some of the more common questions about the Imam (as), primarily concerning his long life and occultation.


The Imam Mahdi series - Signs of the reappearance, Sayed Ahmed Al-Qazwini:

  1. Why Believe in him?
  2. The Holy Birth
  3. The Minor Occultation
  4. The Major Occultation
  5. Why the Occultation? (1)
  6. Why the Occultation (2)
  7. The Purpose of the Imam in Occultation
  8. The Conditions of the Reappearance
  9. The Qualities of the 313
  10. How Can We Await the Reappearance?
  11. The Signs of the Reappearance (1)
  12. The Signs of the Reappearance (2)
  13. What Will Happen After Imam Mahdi dies?

The Mahdi series - Sayed Ammar Nakshawani

  1. Methodology and Sources
  2. World Religions
  3. Non Religious
  4. Mercy to Mankind
  5. Forced Converts
  6. Why Islam?
  7. Imam of the Time
  8. The Mahdi in the Qur'an
  9. Why Twelve?
  10. Secret Organisation
  11. Birth Controversy
  12. Occultation and the Unseen
  13. First Ambassador: Uthman b. Said
  14. Second Ambassador: Muhammad b. Uthman
  15. Third Ambassador: Husain b.Ruh
  16. Fourth Ambassador: Ali b. Muhammad al-Samiri
  17. The 313
  18. Jesus, son of Mary
  19. Age Controversy
  20. Position of Women
  21. The Raja'
  22. Signs of the Reappearance
  23. Sunni and Shia

The Globe Before and after the Advent of Imam Mahdi - Sh. Shomali (12 part series)

Imam Mahdi (af) - Sh. Bahmanpour (11 part series)

The Philosophy of Ghaybah series - Shaykh Jaffer Ladak

  1. Learning from the mistakes of the Jews of Madina
  2. Theological reasons for Ghaybah
  3. Imam Mahdi (af) in the Global Context
  4. Mission & Methodology of Liberation
  5. Liberation
  6. The Liberation of Madina
  7. The Role of Imam Mahdi (af) in Ghaybah
  8. Imam Mahdi's (af) Method of Uprooting Evil
  9. Lecture 9
  10. Imam Mahdi (af) and ISIS (1)
  11. Imam Mahdi (af) and ISIS (2)
  12. Imam Mahdi (af) and the Madina Example: Unity
  13. Imam Mahdi (af) and the Signs of Reappearance
  14. Imam Mahdi (af) and the Sharia Law

The Mahdi (af) series (LIVE) - Part 2 - Sayed Ammar Nakshawani

  1. The Awaited Saviour
  2. Sons of Lady Fatima (as)
  3. Messiah, Occulation and the Waiting Tests
  4. Pandemics, Dajjal and Signs of Reappearance
  5. Jesus Christ, Rejection and a Pluralistic Utopia?

Imam Mahdi and Believing in the Unseen - Sayed Mohammed Baqir al-Qazwini

Imam Mahdi (af) in the Qur'an - Sh. Jaffer Ladak

Descent of Jesus and Advent of Imam Mahdi (as) - Sh. Shomali 

Manners and Methods of Connecting to Imam Mahdi - Sh. Shomali

Awaiting Imam Mahdi and Hope - Sh. Shomali

The Saviour in World Religions: ABTV Documentary

The Government of Imam Mahdi (af): ABTV Documentary

Shia Belief in Imam al-Mahdi - Sayed Moustafa al-Qazwini

The State of Fear and Loneliness of Imam al-Mahdi - Sayed Mohammed Baqer al-Qazwini (short clip)

Characteristics of the Awaiters of Imam Mahdi - Shaykh Mohammed Ali Shomali (short clip)

The Unknown Soldier of Imam Mahdi (A) - Sh. Abdulghani and Sh. Sekaleshfar (short clip)

What will happen after the re-appearance of Imam al-Mahdi? - Sayed Mohammed Baqer al-Qazwini (short clip)

The Birth of Imam (short clip)

Children's Corner

Waiting Actively for the Imam (af)

What’s it about?
When we look outside and see that it's a cloudy and grey day, it reminds us that the sun is hidden. On cloudy days, even though we benefit from the sun, we still wish it was a brighter, sunnier day!
We feel the same about Imam (af) being hidden from us. We love Imam (af) so much that even though we know he is there, we miss Imam (af).
Let’s say Salaam to him every day, give Sadaqa for his safety and pray for him to come quickly and shine his bright light on Earth, bringing peace and justice.

To instil a habit of how we can remember Imam (af) daily and actively wait for his reappearance, everyday we must remember to:
1. Say Salaam to Imam (af) 'As-salamu Alaika Ya Saahib az-Zamaan'
2.Give Sadaqa
3. Pray for Imam (af) to come quickly!
Tick off each of these activities daily with your child, using this template. Even better, use stickers!


The Sun Behind the Clouds

What’s it about?
Understanding the Hadith "As for deriving benefit from me in my ghayba; it is like deriving benefit from the sun when it hides behind the clouds."
Imam (af) is in ghayba which means that he is still alive but we can not see him. Imam (af) has said that he is like the sun hidden behind the clouds. Even though the Earth is the third planet away from the sun, around 90 million miles away, we still receive the sun's warmth and light! SubhanAllah! The sun is so important, that without it there would be no light, no heat, no plants, no animals, no life!
Imam Mahdi (af) is like the sun. Even though we can't see him, we need him to live! The world can’t exist without a guide of Allah on it. Imam (af) prays for us and comes to our help whenever we call him.

Shine a torch behind a paper (you can even draw a sun on the paper beforehand!). Show the child how the light is coming through. Even though we can't see the torch, we can benefit from the light.

Imam (af) Sees Us

What’s it about?
Becoming conscious of Imam (af)’s presence even though he is not visible to us. Just like Allah who is always with us, Imam (af) too knows everything we do. It is said that every Thursday night, Imam (af) gets feedback from the angels recording our deeds. Let’s keep Imam (af) happy and proud of us, by making sure our reports are full of good deeds.

Activity 1
Make a small pinhole cut in a large piece of cardboard. Have each child look through it and notice how they can clearly see all that is around them. But can the children on the other side see the child who is behind the card?

Activity 2
Use a white crayon on white paper to write/draw a message. Magically reveal the drawing/note by painting over it with liquid watercolours.


Journaling- What makes my Imam (af) happy?

What’s it about?
When someone we love is far away, we really miss them. We think about them all the time and try and keep in touch by calling, writing to them and getting excited about the day when they'll be back! This is how our love for Imam (af) should be.

Help children build a special relationship with Imam Mahdi (af) by writing in a journal about their daily lives, and asking him about his day, praying that all is well with him. You can encourage them to put down every Friday a good deed they have done in the week that would make Imam (af) happy. They could also write any of their other thoughts in a conversation to him.


A Special Letter to my Imam (af)

What’s it about?
Imam (af) loves us to talk to him. He prays to Allah for us and all of creation and is always there when you call him. He wants us to tell him about what’s going on in our day. And whenever we need help or are in trouble, let’s ask Allah through Imam (af). Areezas or letters to the Imam (af) are not only for 15th Sha’baan!

Use the template to have the children think of some goals and express their duas. Encourage them to write to the Imam (af) often. Download the template for a letter to Imam Mahdi (af) here.


Imam Mahdi (af) Wordsearch Quiz

What’s it about?
A simple word search quiz to learn about Imam Mahdi (af). All the words are hidden sideways only.

Download the Wordsearch Quiz here.


Imam Mahdi (af) Balloon Banner Quiz

What’s it about?
To learn and summarise learning about Imam Mahdi (af) in a fun way!

Fill 12 balloons with a question about Imam Mahdi (Imam (af)) and tie them next to each other onto a string to make a balloon banner. Print a list of questions here. Print a list of questions here. Have the child pop each one to release the rolled up question paper. To add to the noise and mess, reward the correct answer with a party popper!


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